If you are looking to join MLM online then it is a good plan to join a completely internet based MLM company that sells digital products.

 Digital information products (ebooks, video and audio courses etc.) are easy for the customer to download and easy to produce and you can sell them time and time again.

You can market and promote information products  that combines affiliate marketing with the network marketing business model.

Here are the reasons why you should join an Online MLM with Digital information products:

1. Easily Scaleable – With physical products such as soap, supplements, and household goods, you have to handle stock and deal with shipping etc. But with online information products they are instantly downloaded over the internet. You can therefore sell as many of them as you like without worrying about running out of stock or having too many clients to deal with.

2. Automated – When you join network marketing online you will find it is a relatively hands off approach when everything is all set up. You basically need a sales funnel that you send traffic to. This starts off with a lead capture page, and then a pre-designed email autoresponder sequence to make the sales. There will be a seperate range of higher priced products that buyers can then go onto purchase. When this sales funnel is in place then all you need to do is send people to the lead capture page and the system will take care of the rest.

3. Convenience – You can build your business from your home while wearing pajamas or shorts.

4. Very Low Expenses – You don’t have to cash out daily transportation expenses, snacks for invites and prospects like in traditional MLM.

5. Residual Income – Many people join MLM on the internet because of the potential for a healthly monthly residual income. With this type of business model you not only earn sales for making sales yourself but you earn sales when your team members make sales as well. If you build a good team community then pass-up commissions should be coming your way even on days you don’t make many sales yourself. It also helps to promote products that have a monthly recurring commissions nature to them.

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