Francis Chaves is one of the most recognized Filipino marketing strategist who made a name for himself as one of the few individual from the Philippines who have used his knowledge in network marketing to expand his business worldwide with the focus on helping fellow Filipinos.

The Chief Admin and CEO of Supreme Wealth Alliance is Franco Renato Chaves but more popularly known as Francis Chaves who registered his company with the Department of Trade and Industry as the Chavesnet Enterprises.

The company ChavesNet Enterprises is one of the most innovative company with a proven track records in network marketing especially in developing a unique and brilliant business programs, unparalleled opportunities and one-of-a-kind concepts.

Francis Chaves is one of the most brilliant Filipino speaker, whose main life mission is to help uplift the lives of regular people by providing and teaching them on how to earn money even with meager resources or capital. Likewise he is an ASEAN / European accredited trainer which also provided the groundwork for his international exposure.

The company founded by Francis Chaves, the Supreme Wealth Alliance is considered as one of the fastest growing international companies who have been instrumental in changing the lives of Filipino citizens especially those who are working abroad.

The main reasons why there are so many people who were interested with the program was because of the undeniable proof given by it’s numerous members through testimonials. The flagship program of the company is the Supreme Wealth Alliance: Perfect Pay Plan System.

The Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate: Perfect Pay Plan System is a 100% online business program wholly managed by Supreme Wealth Alliance Corporation (SWAC), a duly registered International Business Company (IBC) under the sovereign nation of Belize, Central America. It’s corporate headquarters is located at the 5th Floor of Marina Towers, Newton Barracks, Belize City, Belize, Central America.


Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate is now a Corporation under the jurisdiction of Belize, a sovereign nation on Central America. We are legally registered by International Business Company (IBC).

Supreme Wealth Alliance Corporation‘s global headquarter is located at 5th Flr., Marina Towers, Belize City, Belize Central America.

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