Hi my name is Jhoy Cabrera de Jong.I am the leader of Pinoy Global SWAbiz Team and owner of www.pinoyswanet.wordpress.com and www.jhoycdejong.com , https://pinoyswabizteam.wordpress.com/ I am married with a dutch guy. I have one child. I came from Santa Fe, Cebu, Philippines. Graduated in Bachelor of Elementary Education (University of San Jose Recoletos, Cebu City, Philippines – Batch 1992.  Two years Management Accounting (University of Cebu).  18 units Masteral in Education ( Cebu Normal Univeristy) . I love to go in gym 4 times in the week. I have dual nationality Filipino and Dutch. Since 2002 I live in Amsterdam.When I was in Cebu I manage my own traditional business ( J-LEX Lending Investor and Scorpion Credit and Collection 1998-2002).I stop my business in Cebu because I move to Holland. I am an offline networker but now I more like online business because its trend now. I am simple and friendly. More info just add me or visit on Facebook

I made  PINOY GLOBAL SWABIZ TEAM BLOG!!! for  exclusive my teammates use only.  Thank you for visiting my blogsite. So, dont use this blogsite if your not a certified in TEAM Pinoy Global SWABIZ.


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